I think they are super great! I was a disaster before, literally at least once every day I would have to turn around back to my car to get my mask. I also am glad that I bought multiple because I have quite a few different masks. The fact that you delivered them the same day was great customer service & so nice! Honestly everyone should have a few of these, life savers!!

Stacy S.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love, love, love my mask holder!

I will gladly order more from you, more importantly, I will tell all my walking friends about you and your web site!

Charlotte S.

They are awesome! Big hit and colors are fabulous. Love that you have silver and gold. They are game changing. No more scrambling in my bag to find a crumpled up mask. Love that you included the strap for glasses!

Andrea S.

Before I had my Chainz I was constantly misplacing my mask, dropping it on the floor and having to go back to my car to retrieve it. I don’t worry about that anymore! Aside from the convenience, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my “mask jewelry”, which has become a staple accessory for me!

Karen K.

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